Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i LOVE Batik

Yes..i LOVE Batik and it can be looked by MoriTale :)

because it is originally made from my country, Indonesia. One of my ways to show how i appreciate my heritage. As simple as that. :)

This is a little part of dreams. Following my heart + lots of passion

me on vacation @ Bontang, East Kalimantan 2009

  • The Word of Mori is took from Mori > a plain material that used for being painted. 
  • Tale is about story, inspired by fairytale. Yeah, i wanna make a beauty story in clothes especially from Batik. :)

Doing something that you really love will make a smile on your face. All day loooonngggg :))

Here..some things that keep my day.....'''''''''.....

My GreenBag, made from eceng gondok and a silk Batik scarf, both were bought in Yogyakarta,

 I fulfill with sewing things

 Materials for next surprise


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